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What Does a Government Job Entail?

What Does a Government Job Entail?


Government makes the rules that adults live by and then it makes sure those rules are followed. In the United States, the government has three branches: legislative, executive and judicial. This system is known as checks and balances. Each branch has different powers but also works together to ensure the safety and security of citizens.

One way the government raises money is by taxing citizens. This gives the government money to spend on things such as schools, roads and national parks. The other way the government raises money is by letting Congress authorize borrowing to pay for things it wants to do. In addition, Congress can mandate specific spending on particular projects. This type of spending is called earmarks.

When it comes to deciding what to spend money on, the government must make choices that depend on what priorities it sets for itself and what social ideals it supports. If the government decides to prioritize education, health care and housing for the poor, it may increase taxes on the wealthy to raise the funds needed for these priorities. In contrast, if the government decides to support an ideal of equality, it might set equal benefits for all its citizens and eliminate socioeconomic inequalities.

Whenever the government spends money, it is accountable to its citizens. The government must explain how it uses the money and why it decided to spend it in that manner. The government must also provide a method of redress when someone feels they were wronged by the decision.

If you work for the federal government, you might be able to take advantage of flexible work schedules or leave early during your lunch break to run errands and get your hair cut. These types of benefits can be found in some state and local government jobs too. Many people who are employed in the private sector might not realize how much goes on behind the scenes in the government to keep the wheels of the country rolling. They might not know, for example, that the public works crew is able to plow miles and miles of snow-covered roads to keep everyone safe within a few hours, or that there is an information hotline they can call to get answers to their questions about permits and licenses.

The government is made up of people elected by the citizens to represent them. This type of government is called a representative democracy. In the United States, those who are elected to serve in the government are known as legislators and senators. These people are part of the legislative branch, and they make laws for all citizens. They are supported by a group of people called the Cabinet, and they handle the day-to-day duties of running the government. The President, who is a member of the executive branch, makes bigger decisions and helps guide the nation. The Supreme Court and other courts are part of the judicial branch, and they evaluate whether laws are fair and constitutional.